So you're here because you want to know a little more about me. I've listed 10 things to give you a sneaky little insight    to my life behind permanent make up.

Enjoy reading   ( & the pics!) 


Chloe  x


Cute Teddy our dog x


My beautiful baby girl Mila x

My family x


My fav place, Ibiza x

D I D  Y O U  K N O W ...​

1.  I'm a mum of one, to a beautiful baby girl.  In fact, I'm a mum of two if you include my fur baby, Ted!

2.  My favourite type of dog is a Pomeranian - of course because my little Ted is a Pomeranian!

3. I love practicing yoga and have regular one-to-one lessons.

4.  The beauty industry truely is my passion - I've been in the industry since I left school at 16.

5.  I love fashion and clothes - I have a few staple pieces in my wardrobe but my style tends to be quite simple and minimal.  

6.  My favourite holiday destination is Ibiza - I met my husband there, he proposed there and we got married there so it's a very special place for me.

7.  I enjoy walking on the beach - it helps calm me and keep me grounded.

8.  I love the moon! In fact, whenever I'm feeling sad or lost, or missing my family, I look at the moon and it helps me feel a sense of calmness.

9.  I enjoy travelling and try and visit a new place every year.

10.  My family live all over the world - between my brother, sister and I; we live in 3 different continents.  My sister in Australia, my brother in England and myself in the United Arab Emirates.  Although we don't live in the same countries, we still remain close.  Family is so important to me.​​